The fifth global economy: the country's name? Jack Ma

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05/29/2017 | 07:48 am


He wants to be the 5th biggest world economy in less than 20 years. That is after the US, the EU, China and Japan. 

                No less, no more. 

                He is Jack Ma, the formidable Chinese entrepreneur who created Alibaba. The coming back of the man who was stronger than the 40 thieves, and got very, very, very rich. In the Thousand and One nights story. 

  Alibaba is Jack Ma who started  in his little flat in a small city in China. Today, he is the leader and very large shareholder of the biggest e-commerce company in the world, with almost 500 million customers. Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon, has 300 million customers. E-bay, No4, has less than 200 million.

                Jack Ma, believes in globalisation 2.0. He is active in shopping, finance, chatting, health care, entertainment, news. He has created a company called Alipay which allows you to pay wherever, whatever you want with your telephone. Alibaba rules 10% of China retail sales. Remember, China has 1.4 billion consumers. And to end the list, if not it would be endless, the money market fund Mr Ma has created, has 14 trillion RMBI under management.

                It is listed in China and in America. 

                And the “boss” is meeting with Donald Trump and any other Head of State he wants to. 

                An extraordinary example of what globalisation can accomplish.  



Michel Gabrysiak
The Finance Foundation 2018
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