Office of Prime Minister of Jamaica : Jamaica & US Officials Hold Bilateral Talks on Trade, Investment and Security

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07/18/2017 | 01:27 am
Andrew Holness today (July 6) held discussions with officials from theGovernment oftheUnited States ofAmerica led by theActing US Deputy Secretary ofState and Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Thomas Shannon.

Jamaica and theUS have several multilateral and bilateral agreements in a wide range ofareas including trade, investment and security. Today's talks were held amid efforts to strengthen thebilateral ties between both nations.

PrimeMinisterHolness and theActing Deputy Secretary ofState Shannon spoke on ways to deepen efforts to make therelationship between both countries more relevant.

In that regard, thediscussions focused on trade, investment, safety and security.

ThePrimeMinisternoted that Jamaica is taking steps to ensure that its fiscal management system is in order.

'Jamaica is a textbook case ofa country engaged in good fiscal management. We are now ensuring that those are embedded into our laws and practices. We are at this point transitioning into growth strategies, and I think that is where stronger engagement with theUS could be beneficial. I think once we address thegrowth conundrum then we should be able to effectively address theother issues ofcrime, violence, safety and security,' explained Mr Holness.

PrimeMinisterHolness acknowledged that Jamaica faces challenges in the area ofcrime. However, he expressed thehope that Jamaica and theUS can strengthen cooperation in this regard.

He said a major point for discussion going forward should be border security while noting that Jamaica has made investment in this area.

'Thestrategy has to be about strengthening Jamaica to control its own borders. We have taken instrumental steps to increase border security and integrity and to ensure that security is a priority. Jamaica has made significant investments in this area,' continued theprimeminister.

Mr Holness noted that Jamaica remains concerned with theentry ofillegal weapons into thecountry.

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