Infiniti Research : Identifies Best Marketing Methods for Student Recruitment in Latest Assessment

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04/21/2017 | 09:28 pm

International students are becoming an increasingly significant focus for universities. It is becoming easier to travel and study abroad, and many students are looking beyond their own country for post-secondary education. Infiniti Research has observed that parents and students in Asian countries see international universities as a better source of education, and now make up the largest share of international students in these institutions around the world. As emerging countries increase their focus on education, the number of international students in Europe and the Americas will continue to rise.

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Infiniti Research helps companies identify new market opportunities. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Infiniti Research helps companies identify new market opportunities. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Infiniti Research recently completed a study on marketing strategies for the student recruitment market to help a global leader in medical student recruitment understand the marketing methods used for recruitment in its target market.

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Market developments

Universities rely on recruitment efforts to attract students, both from within the country and abroad. They spend heavily on physical ads such as billboards and flyers, as well as on travelling to meet potential students around the world. However, social media and mobile marketing are beginning to gain traction among recruiters. While they are still underutilized by many institutions, they offer many benefits, such as considerably lower expenses and the ability to target specific groups of people with specific content. They also allow for better tracking and analytics to measure success. The flexibility, reach, and cost savings offered by these methods mean that they are likely to be adopted by more universities in the near future.

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Market opportunities

It is easy to follow tried and true methods when it comes to marketing and other business activities. If they are already proven to work, why spend the time and effort to change? However, new technology or techniques can end up saving a substantial amount of time and money, once the initial investments have been made to set them up. It can be difficult to know what activities are worth investing in, which is where market intelligence comes into play. Skilled research can present you with multiple options and a comprehensive evaluation of each one, showing you what they are likely to cost and how effective they are likely to be. With a thorough understanding of your options, you can move forward with confidence in your decisions.

The recent assessment of student recruitment marketing by Infiniti Research helped identify the major TV, radio, and newspaper channels used by student recruitment agencies to reach their target audience. It also provided recommendations on the average budget required for various marketing methods across different regions, as well as key details about promotional materials including the type of message, the word count, keywords used, and the length of the advertisement. This helped the client understand the effective marketing techniques for the Indian student recruitment market,

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