IQ Option: Binary Options as a New Way of Making Money for Forex Traders

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12/13/2016 | 06:08 pm

IQ Option: Binary Options as a New Way of Making Money for Forex Traders

Binary options become more and more popular every day. Some experts say that the major reason for this is the fact that binary options are simple and easy to trade. The next reason is said to be the speed at which you can make big money trading binary options. 
For example, thanks to 
IQ Option, the world’s most reputable and reliable binary options broker in early and mid 2014 (as viewed by Masterforex-V Academy), you are capable of generating up to 92% ROI just in 60 seconds! The only thing you need to accomplish this task is to choose the underlying asset you want to trade (a currency pair, a stock, a stock index or a commodity like gold) and set the price behavior on expiration as well as the very expiry time. If you are eventually right, you got the deserved payout instantly credited to your live account. 

How Do They Make Money Trading Binary Options?

Let’s assume that you have chosen EURUSD as the underlying asset due to its relatively high liquidity. You expect the price to be above the current level in 60 seconds. You bet. 60 second later, you see that the price is indeed above the entry level. So, you get the payout. The same holds true for downside trades.  You bet on the underlying asset to go below the entry point and get paid if the prediction manifests itself. This is how you make money in binary options trading. 
It should be noted that if your prediction fails, you lose only the amount you have bet. With that said, the risk is always fixed and predetermined. Unlike those who trade Forex and other conventional markets, you know in advance your risk and profit potential. This is one of the key advantages of binary options over other conventional financial markets.
As for the quality of trading, IQ Option is the very binary broker offering some of the best trading conditions out there. According to the independent research conducted among the CIS trading community, the best results have been shown by those who trade binary options with IQ Option. As an example, we can consider Dmitry Kharitonov (Ukraine), who managed to turn $172 into $5600 in 5 days!
The very company explains its clients’ success the following way:
We base our business on our clients’ true interests and ambitions. These are the aspects that make us develop and launch innovative solutions, products and services designed to anticipate and satisfy their requests.
To securely store clients’ funds, the broker keeps clients’ funds in segregated accounts, separate from the company’s bank accounts.
By the way, as for security, IQ Option is one of the few binary brokers that can boast personal capital over 200 000 dollars, according to the CySEC’s demand. On top of that, the company has enough money to insure client funds within the scope of the Investor Compensation Fund. Each client is insured against bankruptcy to the amount of 20 000 euros. 
Extra security is backed by the fact that client funds are stored on segregated accounts while all financial transactions and payment data are protected by cutting-edge encrypting systems and security protocols. 
As for binary options themselves, IQ Options allows you to trade several kinds of binary options:
–  Up/Down or Call/Putt options (whether the price is above or below the entry option on expiration);
– Touch options (whether the price has touched a certain price level by the time the option expires);
 –  Boundary Options (whether the price stays inside a certain price range or breaks out of it on expiration).
In order to start trading binary options and turbo options (60-second options) with IQ option, all you need is to open a live account and deposit a certain amount of money starting from $10. Keep in mind that you can choose any underlying asset you like (currencies, indices, stocks and commodities) and you can make up to 92% profit in 60 second, in case of a successful investment.
On top of that your personal manager as well as to sign up for free coaching and take part in trading contests.
The bottom line is that trading binary options with IQ Option is your ultimate experience bringing your joy and leading your to financial freedom! 

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